Like the promontory of Piombino and headlands other nations, the Argentario was originally an island, which over the centuries has come to see connected to the nearby mainland, before lifting Bolster Feniglia (action of marine currents ) and then also to Bolster Giannella (material accumulation from the nearby river Albegna).


Once connected to the mainland by two strips of sand, the inner part of the promontory between them has come to see wet from the lagoon of Orbetello, whose origin is coeval to the processes that led to the transformation of the Argentario from island to promontory.


The territory of the promontory is almost completely inaccessible hilly and at times, softened only by the work of the man who created the time of the terraces where the vine is cultivated predominantly (Anson Argentario coast) and locally as the olive.


The two towns are located on the headland Porto Santo Stefano (north-west), which houses the city of Monte Argentario, Porto Ercole and south-east by the most ancient origins, and famous marina Calagalera. Constant and favorable wind makes this area famous for the regattas held throughout the year between the island of Giglio, the island of GIANNUTRI island of Elba.
In Porto Ercole lies a beautiful 27-hole golf course with a modern clubhouse.