In the heart the Tuscan region known as MAREMMA (an ancient Etruscan kingdom), you will find

IL TROSCIONE, Located 5 Km away form Sacnsano. The surroundings are pristine, natural, with a beautiful view of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Deep colors and the scents of the Tuscan countryside fill the senses.


This land, left unattended for 100 years, was acquired by Fiorella Ciminaghi in 2005. Since then she has worked diligently to cultivate the indigenous biological products such as extra virgin olive oil, red and white Tuscan Wine, fruits and vegetables respecting the natural cycles while maintaining complete oversight of production.



IL TROSCIONE, one of the most prestigious Farmhouses in Tuscany, covers about 42 acres between Grosseto and Scansano.

Scansano is an ancient medieval stronghold 6 Km away.

IL TROSCIONE is located on a top of one of the many rolling hills of Tuscany; it is surrounded by the scents of the beautiful, typical Mediterranean dense oak forests, touched by the sea breeze.

From the olive orchard comes an excellent and much sought after olive oil, while a thirty year old vineyard produces Sangiovese and exquisite Ansonica.

The vegetables, especially a type of chickpea, cecio rugoso, red garlic form Scansano and a particular variety of tomato pomodoro liscio are all natives of the Maremma.

Fiorella takes personal care of every aspect of production. In the year 2010 she was elected, “farmer of the year” by the Tuscan Region.



Last but not least, delicious fruits grown in the orchards are turned in to scrumptious marmalades, jams and old fashion pies by Fiorella. Much appreciated and never enough!